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Home Inspection Services|Baton Rouge, Plaquemine, Lafayette, Opelousas, Abbeville

Since all homes are different, the pricing structure of Home inspections vary, and is determined on a number of different aspects and factors. I have posted a simple guide with estimates for home inspections based on Total Square Footage (Living Space + Property) which is subject to change.

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Single Family Homes                               Multi-Family Homes                        4 Point Inspections

Up to 1000 Square Feet starting at   $350                            Call for Quote                                                  $75 based on location

1001 – 2000 Square Feet starting at $375                                                                              $85 based on location

2001 – 3000 Square Feet starting at $400                                                                              $100 based on location

3001 – 4000 Square Feet starting at $450                                                                              $125 based on location

4001 – 5000 Square Feet starting at $500                                                                              $150 based on location

Estimates above are for typical single family homes on slab with One HVAC system and One Distribution Panel. Additional fees are required for older homes or homes with additional Electrical Panels, AC/Heating Systems (Compressors/Furnaces), Crawlspaces, Pools, or Detached Structures.

Additional Costs

Additional Hot Water Heater            $25

​Additional  HVAC  AC/Furnaces         $35

Elevated Homes on Piers/Beams     $50

Pool Inspections                                 $100 

In-Law Suites/Guest Apartment       $100

Home Energy Audits                          $200



4 Point Inspections start at $75 within 60 mile radius of Lafayette, La. Each additional mile outside of stated radius will be calculated by current mileage rate per miles additional [miles] * [rate].


See Example Below

An estimate for a home between 1001 – 2000 Sq Ft, 70 miles from Lafayette, would be 10 miles above included radius multiplied by current mileage rate (57.5 cents) which equals to an additional 5.75 making a total of cost $90.75.


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15% off of your next inspection if your deal falls through for any reason.


Video Walkthroughs

1080P Full video walkthroughs for those unable to see properties in person using stabilized Gimbal, Aerial Drones, and up to 4K quality video recorders.  Videos are transferrable or can be uploaded to our youtube channel for your quick access as files can be multi gigs in size.

Prices - 1080P - $50               4K- $75

4 Point Inspections HVAC, Electrical wiring and panels, Plumbing connections and fixtures

Savings & Discounts

Residential home inspection BETR Home Inspection LLC

Are you Buying or Selling a Home? If, so do not make the mistake of not getting your home inspected. Problems can be found ahead of time for sellers so a deal isn't killed due to unexpected and prevent financial loss for buyers on their potential new home.

Guest Homes BETR Home Inspection LLC
Detached Structures
Pool Inspection BETR Home Inspection LLC

Guest homes, In-Law Suites, Sheds, and others detached structures can also be added to your inspection for peace of mind.

Pool discrepancies can be costly so it is advisable to get your pool inspected at the time of your home inspection. Avoid costly repairs and add negotiating power to your side of negotiation.

New Construction Inspection BETR Home Inspection LLC
New Construction

New homes built may not seem like it would require an inspection by some. Besides, its a brand NEW structure. Well, that is far from the truth as shady work and rushing can cause contractors to miss finishing details in ventilation, attics, plumbing, and electrical that could end up additional cost for you.

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