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Home Inspection Limitations

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to understand the scope of a home inspection as per the required Standards of Practice. Just check below for a guide on what to expect!

2.1.  Limitations: 

  1. An inspection is not technically exhaustive.

  2. An inspection will not identify concealed or latent defects. 

  3. An inspection will not deal with aesthetic concerns, or what could be deemed matters of taste, cosmetic defects, etc. 

  4. An inspection will not determine the suitability of the property for any use. 

  5. An inspection does not determine the market value of the property or its marketability.

  6. An inspection does not determine the insurability of the property. 

  7. An inspection does not determine the advisability or inadvisability of the purchase of the inspected property. 

  8. An inspection does not determine the life expectancy of the property or any components or systems therein. 

  9. An inspection does not include items not permanently installed. 

  10. These Standards of Practice apply only to properties with four or fewer residential units and their attached garages and carports.

Credit goes to InterNachi Standards of Practice for references above!!

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